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The Video will show you a bat from the knob to the barrel.

Discover the smooth handle,whether its Ash,Maple, Beech & Birch our bats are made to bring you success at the dish.



Handle: .96"  A slim handle to fit the smallest hands to the hands of a professional baseball player.

Barrel: 2.50"

Knob: 2.13" Tapered Knob

All  9AP5 bats are c upped.

Solid Barrel Available upon request

Our 9AP5 ASH bats offer solid contact with the ball for a powerful hit anywhere on the ball field & you can sent it Outtahere too.

Images:33"- Clear Polyurethane Maple.

Actual 9AP5-ASH image coming soon

Current image is our maple version.

Contact Joe with any questions: 856.906.1801 EST

Crafted with Passion!