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9271-ASH BASEBALL BAT - 9ibats.com


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.96" Handle

2.13" Flared Knob

2.50" Barrel

Our 9271 (C271) from our most recent research offers the slimmest handle in the bat making business for a 271,tapered just right for your hands. If you are accustomed to the thin handles of non-wood bats, our 9271 is perfect hand fit for you as your adjust to playing in games using wood bats only.

Cupped  or Solid Barrel end.

Boned from handle to barrel.

Solid-Non-cupped available upon request.

Image: 9271 (C271) Handle. Slim,strong, boned.

Available in: Ash,Maple, Beech, Birch

Our 9271 series is a slightly slender version of the original C271 at the handle. Allowing us to offer this bat as low as 29 oz., in all wood species.

Team discounts when ordering 12 or more bats. Always Free shipping!

Contact Joe for details. 856.906.1801 my cell phone